Thursday, April 16, 2015

Inocente- Oscar Winner, Doc Short 2013,ART AS THERAPY

This post is about Art as Therapy and how  making art can give people purpose and a reason to go on living even in the bleakest of living conditions.Please watch the movie above about "A talented 15-year-old Latina who, as an undocumented homeless immigrant, fiercely pursues her dream of becoming an artist."
Inocente creating art

I created a very large painitng in response to this movie(see below).I agree with  author, Lucy Lippard who says, according to The Pink Glass Swan, a book by Lucy Lippard,(page 273)..."My own choice has been  to spend time on images of the world by women rather than on images of women  by the world"

           The Colors of Healing,by Susan Harmon,12' x 7',mixed/canvas,2015

A.R.T.S. is an organization which is dedicated to creating a movement behind the importance of the arts as a prevention and intervention vehicle to create a positive transformation in children and youth facing adversity."– This organization helps kids facing similar difficult circumstances as HEAL but have opportunity to engage on a more frequent and long-term basis. Our Inspire Program focuses on Maslow’s ’Estee’ level. This program starts to focus in on those kids whose intrinsic motivation is the arts. They have been introduced to the arts and want more! We begin building their skills in their medium(s) of choice and build their self-esteem and self-confidence by recognizing and celebrating their efforts and achievements in various ways. By exposing them to the possibilities in the arts – and in life – we build a sense of “hope and faith”, inspiring them to reach beyond their current circumstances and set goals for the future.


  1. Your artwork is stunning. The videos are some of my favorites that I have seen in the past. It really speaks volumes on how art benefits areas of poor income and the response it has for children and adolescents for therapy. I love the support she has from her community. There are numerous places like this is San Antonio to support arts for teens. I only hope they are included in more cities.

  2. I agree with Sarah- I love your art! And I also love the idea of art as therapy.

  3. Susan. A Cathartic Place is awesome. Obvious you have been working that thing all semester. I love the idea of Art as therapy. I am a true believer. In a previous class, I was introduced to Inocente. What an amazing story she has. When I was done watching her documentary, I wanted to go buy some of her work.