Sunday, February 22, 2015

THE END: Compassionate Creation: Trauma Informed Care and Art Tiombe C. Preston AWBW

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"Published on Sep 11, 2012
Tiombe Preston is a Feminist Therapist, educator, and activist with over 15 years of experience in the anti-violence against women movement and other social justice work. She has been a Windows Leader at A Window Between Worlds since 2003. In her private practice as a licensed psychotherapist, she specializes in working with complex trauma survivors, those with a history of child sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, torture and sexual assault. Through her practice she provides individual and group therapy, curriculum and program development, clinical supervision, anti-oppression training, clinical training, and speaking engagements. She was the Director of Counseling Services for the Sexual Assault Crisis Agency, working at the rape crisis center for over 12 years, until its closure in 2009. Her specializations include feminist therapy, working with survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence and child sexual abuse, working with communities of color and people with disabilities, and other anti-oppression work. She is the Program Manager for the California Black Women's Health Project, where she trains grassroots advocates and leads statewide policy initiatives on sexual and domestic violence prevention, mental health and reproductive justice. She is a Subject Matter Expert on Sexual Assault for the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) and teaches Women's Studies at El Camino, Compton College in Compton, California. "
the day everything changed,Susan Harmon,2015,12' x 5',mixed/canvas

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