Friday, April 17, 2015


Catharsis refers to an emotional release for the characters in a literary work, or an emotional release for the audience of the work. In Greek, the word catharsis literally means "cleansing". The emotional release that characters or the audience experience during the catharsis can lead to a sense of forgiveness and renewal. Most tragic works of literature end with

This Blog is being created to fulfill a requirement for a graduate course,ART 5364:Feminist Research Methods,which I am enrolled in as a part of the MAE Degree program at Texas Tech University,Spring 2015,instructor Dr. Kristi Humphreys.

We began this course with the reading of a book titled,Live Through This,edited by Sabrina Chapadjiev. This book includes poems,songs,artwork,performances and essays by 20 creative women.These women,( according to p.11 of the introduction), "who have dealt with self-destruction,and lived to tell the story....."are the type of women I would like to place my focus on for this blog.The purpose of this blog is to communicate and reachy.  out to women who have experienced trauma. This should be a place for healing and I feel in order to heal one has to begin by telling their story.I want this to be a safe place/ a sacred place where anyone who has suffered trauma or has known someone or has an interest in helping women who have suffered, can express their voice through personal art of their own/writings/songs/photography/poetry
I made this art,titled, Eight pink Crosses,mixed/canvas,5' x 3', in response to my readings about the femicides In Juarez, Mexico. The book which informed this art ,The Daughters of Juarez by Teresa Rodriquez,is a powerful and disturbing account of the horrible "atrocities" involving these very young women such as rape,kidnapping, mutilation and killings.
Eight Pink crosses,mixed/canvas,5' x 3',2015

My hope is that anyone who has been affected by trauma,mental or physical,will feel safe enough to post their art/poetry/songs/writings here!

About Healing,Susan Harmon,5' x 3',2014,mixed/canvas

pink behind the dark silhouette


  1. Susan, I have been closely affected by all of the violence from Juarez. I have had family members hurt...
    I can't even continue to type about it because the tears come fast and furious.
    The atrocities in Juarez and MX. have been going on for decades, it just hit epic proportions in the last few years. So much hurt and sorrow in this country, which for the most part is inhabited by very proud people. It is a shame that the corruption was allowed to grow into such a monstrous cancer.
    I love Mexico, she is my grandmother.

  2. Hi,I am so very sorry.If you know of any literature related to this ,personal stories by an Mexican authors I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. I love your paintings, too. Have you looked at Chicano Visions?

  4. Hi Sarai, Thanks...No I definitely will though,thanks.

  5. Wow, Susan. Your blog is impressive, and what I like most is how interdisciplinary it is. I love your combination of painting, video, poetry, storytelling, cultural studies, etc. Even more impressive is that you have connected all of this to our course readings so effectively! Well done. You are a wonderfully talented artist, and I appreciate your care with this assignment.

  6. Hi Kristi, Thank you for opening my eyes in so many ways with this wonderful course;readings,discussions and blogs(I never even read a blog before this you again.

  7. Everything about this is beautiful. I love your paintings. The colors, textures and emotions are all so vivid. I personally have never been good at painting abstract. I feel like I'm not able to capture emotions the way you do in your paintings. Your blog is awesome also!

  8. Hi Shelbi, Thank you so much.I really appreciate the feedback.

  9. Stunning artwork. Very 'expressive' with the sense of emotion involved. Would like to see more!

    1. Thank you,
      is my website when you find time to view more.

  10. Hello Susan, I like how you created your artwork with the Feminist concept. I can see the darkness of story, hope and energy in your artwork. I think it is a good way to heal by creating art from personal experience. I like your color combination.

  11. What is most impressive for me in your blog is the way you connected your work with the readings. I understand how it is interesting, and at the same time hard, to do artwork based on a text. But you did great job! I really like them.

  12. I loved this whole thing, as a professional counselor I am all about art therapy. I just wanted to say though that the piece above really moved, in ways words on a page can't express. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  13. Thank you for your feedback it really helps me continue.